And remember, no matter where you go there you are. --Confucius

National Poetry Month (Superhero Dreams)

National Poetry Month (Superhero Dreams)

Separation anxiety
Darkness fell upon me
My world came crashing down.
The ground beneath my feet,
a void I could not fill. images You came along
persistent, strong;
a beautiful song
to sing,
to be,
to weep. images (2) But your wrong
and my wrong
gave birth to beasts
with gnashing teeth;
and we, their feasts. images (3) The path of least resistance
left me weak and sagging.
My meat’s consistency
gnawing, raw.
The cuts run…

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National Poetry Month (Place That Time Forgot)

National Poetry Month (Place That Time Forgot)

mas pics 038
Limbo's bimbo is lost in love
An illusion of beauty was surely a sight for sore eyes
A belief in the high of a kiss existing in the mind
of once upon a time
His world on the rise
A galaxy of stars
The moon, the sun, the skies

images (9)An angry mob lives and breathes within. Laughter is lost as a fog begins. As you vanish from sight; the optimist I was tries not to scream. This unbalanced life…

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National Poetry Month (Revelations)

National Poetry Month (Revelations)

new beginnings
often bring
sudden changes
altered meanings
frequent confusion
all too different
but nothing too difficult
for me to accept
for me to acquire

images (6)

I try to survive
the constant visions
which are sometimes distorted
but always required

images (7)

I know now all too well
most things
aren’t written in stone
some birds fly away
never to return
do we know which birds?
can we see that far?

images (8)

I know now…

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National Poetry Month (The Sunday Morning After Next)

National Poetry Month (The Sunday Morning After Next)

download (2)
An experience such as this deserved to be noted
A journey towards self-discovery
An open-minded view of things
A taste full of laughter and tears
A bittersweet map of the years
On the Sunday morning after next
She may not get the chance
In a world full of naked, shameful pasts
Mistakes always enhance
We do what we do to survive the rest
She sung songs of sin in jest
She loves what you do when you…

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National Poetry Month (Confusion’s Carnival)

National Poetry Month (Confusion’s Carnival)

download (1)
There is a fully functional family of chaos residing within a deep and damaged hole in my soul. I call this family “confusion’s carnival”. They live and breathe to resist consistency. I have been aware of their existence for some time and although I have made countless attempts to evict the care-free clan, my efforts are always thwarted. images (2)I am usually sentenced to suffocate in society’s quicksand.…

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National Poetry Month (By Definition, To Worship)

National Poetry Month (By Definition, To Worship)

will act
as if
you’re there
further despair
Reaction filters
in to play
the game
that dependency
will win drug-addiction (1) More, more, more
I will worship you
Again and
again and again Sometimes the spirits lie, most times defy while we choose to deny. Crashing sounds and blood-red holes began to surface when I tried to spread unwanted sight. A restless spirit travels beside me…

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National Poetry Month (Only A Test)

I hate the way I feel today My body hurts and my mind aches I wish there were a way I could separate…

National Poetry Month (Only A Test)

I hate the way I feel today My body hurts and my mind aches I wish there were a way I could separate…

National Poetry Month (Dream Within A Dream)

National Poetry Month (Dream Within A Dream)

Day number nine in my 30 poems in 30 days series in celebration of national poetry month. Today’s choice is the closest to happy I seem to get without discussing my love life. And even those poems are limited, appearing at the end of a book as an attempt to uplift the reader from the web of darkness I created. I have no idea what direction my next book will go but I hope the tone is lighter this…

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The Structure Of Damage (Vickie’s Story #2: Death Becomes Her)

The Structure Of Damage (Vickie’s Story #2: Death Becomes Her)

images (5)
The city streets were all a buzz with thousands of commuters swarming the subways and power walking through the crowds. America’s need for speed never seemed more apparent to the golden-haired beauty standing off to the side of market-street. She was an expert at pretending to ignore things while taking it all in simultaneously. And today was no different She stands on the edge of the tracks and…

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Friendship (Word Of The Day-Part Two)

Friendship (Word Of The Day-Part Two)

What does it mean to be a ‘friend’?The word ‘friend’ is one of the rare cases in the English language whose meaning has remained consistent throughout hundreds of years of usage. The word of Germanic origin has existed in the English language since its founding in Old English. Back then, ‘friend’ existed as ‘freond’ which was the present participle of the verb freon, ‘to love’. The root of the…

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National Poetry Month (Wisdom Thwarted: The Merry Widow)

National Poetry Month (Wisdom Thwarted: The Merry Widow)

Welcome back to my 30 Poems In 30 Days series that has taken on a life of its own. I originally planned to post thirty new poems. However, now that I have decided to publish them in a new book this July I think its wise to keep them under wraps. So now I am posting poems from my earlier books that have never been posted online. Today’s piece is from my third, book. and shortest book LOUDER THAN…

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National Poetry Month (New Road: Phases)

National Poetry Month (New Road: Phases)

Good Day to you all and Happy Monday! Welcome to another edition of DonaTo_DividEd’s National Poetry Month: 30 Poems In 30 Days! Now, (deep breath)… The selection I chose for today is a long one. Its home is SAVING THE LIAR (COLORS REFLECTED)–a concept book I wrote and rewrote from 2003 through 2010–seven years. The version published today, when compared to the original 2004 version is a…

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